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For Sale By Owner Tips

A successful agent is great at most of the following things: marketing, contracting, psychology, sociology, self-awareness, math, technology, negotiating, and work-life balance.

Why teach people how to sell their home without an agent?

Hiring a Realtor® is often the smartest decision. But just as you can remodel your bathroom or look on WebMD to diagnose a symptom, the DIY option is certainly available to you in home sales.

I firmly believe that you can sell your house without an agent, however if you are running out of time or patience then our hope is to help you through the sales process











(Note: This video was produced before the closing of our clients home, we didn’t get them $8,000 more for their home, we got them a stunning $11,000 MORE FOR THEIR HOME! )

We helped our clients get $11,000 MORE For Their Home! See their story below.

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